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Frequently Asked Questions

A curated list of the most commonly asked questions about pricing & plans

How effective is Studydote
Well, this depends on the user. Almost every user who has used the platform everyday have seen their increase in the final score. Daily capsule in fact encourages users to solve MCQs everyday. So Yes, Studydote motivates learners to be consistent and helps them score better.
How is it different from Pre-PG
The major difference is the amount and the quality of MCQs that you get on both the platforms. Prepg claims to have more than 75,000 MCQs which are extracted from various Indian sources. Studydote contains nearly 40K carefully crafted MCQs, tailored made for MECEE Nepal. We realized that more than 40K MCQs is not required at all. Mastering those 45k MCQs will help you get a decent competitive score.
Can i cancel the subscription once i purchase the plan
We give 7 days of full access to every user to help them understand the platform and see if it helps them. Since almost 5 years of operation we rarely had any user who wanted the refund. But if some users feel that this is not helping, we won't have a problem refunding the money if they have used less than 30% of the contents.
How many months should I use the platform to see an increase in my performance?
Most users who have performed better in exams are the ones who have subscribed for the minimum of 6 months and have solved a minimum of 20K MCQs.
How many MCQs are adequate for an exam?
While it is advisable to solve as many MCQs as possible, solving too many repeated MCQs from the same topic will do no good. 30K-30K MCQs are most ideal provided that those MCQs cover every topic, not repeated with medium difficulty level.
What's the difference between Indian platforms and Studydote
Platform like Marrow and Prepladder are extremely good for Indian exams. If you are preparing for Indian exam, this is extremely good to have. But for Nepali exam the subject level covered in those platforms is extremely tough. So if you happen to be extra brilliant, then go for it. But for regular users who don't get 12 hours of study time everyday, Studydote will be of more help.