Unreturned Doctors!

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“Being a Doctor” is a dream for many and it is a valuable “Emotion” for those who have lived this dream. Consciously or unconsciously, the idea of becoming a doctor starts germinating on the fertile minds of the young students since their primary school period and the roots deepens as they grow older and wiser. Thousands of Nepali students then start pushing their limits with extreme hard work, dedication and enthusiasm every single day with the only aim of living their dream of becoming a doctor.

With limited seats, the idea of studying medicine is still far away for those who could not make up to the merit list and they now look forward to study medicine abroad- far away from their home. For the first time, these young students leave their loved ones with dreams in their eyes and determination in their heart. While their journey at the medical college commences, their newly met colleagues become their families and the hostel becomes their new home for next six years of their life. Those pampering care of their parents, mischief of acts along with their siblings, silly jokes with their friends back home and those warm homemade foods just become memories.

press releaseRight from the first day at medical school, the affection toward stethoscope, white coat (Apron), medicine and hospital increases. This profession has no shortcuts, no magic and no coincidences. The achievements are purely based on sacrifices and on merit. While friends back home share pictures relishing vacation with closed ones, sleepless nights, hectic duty schedules, too many exams becomes their routine. Davidson’s and Harrison’s becomes their pillow.  A doctor is an output of several opportunity costs of not having a proper vacation, of not being as carefree as other schoolmates, of not being an evenly average and so much. Journey is long started since school and never seems to end.

With each passing day, the goal seems nearer but each day come with struggles and intolerable levels of hardship. Let's not forget this expensive dream can only be acquired only after investing a huge amount of time. And even- selling lands, mortgaging homes, Sanchaya Kosh and so many other life-invested sources.

wounded patient list

Five or more years of meditation for the prefix title "Doctor" ahead of the name and for the title which means a life to them, finally the dream seems to be closer. They now begin planning for the future, looking forward for a job which hardly sustains their living, let alone the recovering of the debts. Night shifts and emergency knockings and constant worries about Post-graduate education.

A doctor accomplishes his dreams only after he invests his most productive decade of life. And they are always blamed for being commercialised, urban centric and less sensible. The loan and interest keeps growing with their ambitions. Being a doctor is a hardest lottery and the return is not even as much as consolation price for their resource and time investments.

On the holy cause of regulating medical education, over the years we have witnessed massive protests from eminent personalities, concerned citizens and energetic youths. Without doubt, our education system needs a total reform, which is not limited to medical education alone. We also need more doctors, newer medical institutes and much better healthcare infrastructure.

My country is a paradox! The whole world should learn from it- in the sense that no other country should replicate the stupid medical academia policies Nepal has implemented. How long can we afford in sending our medical students abroad and restricting our medical institutions to open up? Is this the way a nation deals with its medical manpower scarcity? 

Every year hundreds of Nepali students go abroad for medical studies and On March 12th 2018, many such young dreamers who went to Bangladesh to pursue their dream had to meet with such tragic accident on their way back home after completing their University Exams. They wanted to add doctor ahead of their name but are now pronounced dead and late.

Studydote.com delivers its heartfelt condolences to departed soul and their family members.